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Trends through time

Style trends are always rapidly changing. Even since Reynolds students have been in elementary school, different looks have gone in and out of popularity. Do you remember some of these trends from the early 2000s?

Silly Bandz

Feather in hair



What goes into making a trend? Allison Cooper from says there are five major components that go into making a trend: “runway styles, street styles, celebrities, fashion bloggers, and fashion capitals in the world”. With runway styles, designers have a lot of power.  They can sometimes have the first say in what will be considered new and trendy. Street style is fashion that you see out in day to day life. Trends can pick up just from people seeing styles they like around them. When celebs started wearing their hair in pixies, so did loads of other people. We look to famous people because we expect them to be up to date on what is new and hip. Same as we look at celebrities for fashion, we also turn to fashion bloggers to let us know as soon as something comes or goes in and out of style. Lastly, fashion capitals such as New York, Paris and Milan are places that the fashion industry looks for trend setters. This is because they all hold a fashion week. There is high standard for these places to be continuously on trend.


No one can really tell how long a fad will stay fabulous. Styles are constantly changing around the world, causing them to continue to change here at Reynolds. Senior Lauren Squires feels that “[trends] are a good thing because they make you want to look nice for school. But they are also annoying because a lot of the [clothes] you have might not be in style for very long…then you’re stuck with something sitting in your closet that you’re not gonna wear”. She believes that trends are generally beneficial, however they can be harmful. “There is an obvious need for identity and innovation, to shift the focus to where it should be – on quality and individuality” says Luciana Zegheanu, in regards to the quickly and cheaply made items to keep trends moving swiftly from the runway to the stores. While trends can keep you looking hip, there is definitely an argument that trends limit uniqueness and ongoing style.

If you are looking to stay up to date on the latest trends checkout this site:

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